Whether we're talking about art, entertainment, or anywhere in between, Hispanics have made an impact at all turns. The same goes for the NFL where a select few have broke through to be mentioned in the same breath as some of the greatest to ever play the game. 

Along the way, these athletes have encountered their fair share of trials and tribulations. From the parent or parents who made immense sacrifices to give their children a better life to the ones who were passed by and/or doubted, but used that as fuel to their internal fire, these individuals are the embodiment of not giving up, regardless of the obstacles put in front of them. It's a sentiment that many people across this nation can relate to. 

If you feel as though you have been overlooked in life or dealt a bad hand, these 10 athletes, past and present, are proof that you should never give up on turning your dreams into a reality. These are the Top Hispanic Players in NFL History.