There's nearly unanimous agreement amongst NFL fans that the preseason means nothing, at least outside of undrafted free agents and potentially washed-up veterans who find themselves on the bubble of a 53-man roster. We couldn't tell you the preseason records of any Super Bowl champs. We could look them up, but that's the point, we simply don't care.

And though it's been established that August football is but an extended tryout, and light tune-up for vets who need to get their timing back, don't tell that to the (hopefully small) chunk of 10,000+ Jets fans who reportedly booed quarterback Geno Smith during their "open" practice Saturday night. The jeers came after Geno, in apparent midseason form, fumbled, through a near pick, and miscommunicated on a route with offseason acquisition Brandon Marshall.

Despite not throwing an interception yet in Training Camp (slow clap) Smith was reminded what it's like to be a quarterback in the nation's biggest market. Afterward he explained how he's changed (at least in terms of dealing with boos, not in terms of sucking badly), saying "The camera should've zoomed in on me; I had a big smile on my face. You'd think we were on the road today." This more playful response stands in stark contrast to the "f bombs" he hurled at fans during a loss to the Lions last September.

It should be noted that after the early hiccups Smith fired two TD's where the boos led to, you guessed it, cheers. where have we heard that before?

[via ESPN]

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