Imagine LeBron James hitting a last-second jumper while fans pelted him with beer bottles. Or Tom Brady tossing a Hail Mary while fans threw batteries in his direction. Or Albert Pujols hitting a walk-off home run while fans tossed hot dogs wrappers and soda cups at him. It would never be allowed to happen.

In soccer, though, things are a little bit different. Just watch what happened when a Trinidad and Tobago player was forced to take a corner kick at the end of a CONCACAF Gold Cup match against Mexico. The fans who were seated near him threw a ridiculous amount of garbage at him while he looked around like, "What the eff am I supposed to do?" And while no one jumped in to stop the fans, he eventually got off a solid kick that resulted in a game-tying goal and, ultimately, a tie that allowed Trinidad and Tobago to win their Gold Cup group.

You'd never see anything like this take place in another sport and, really, it shouldn't happen in an important soccer match, either. But this is how you get rowdy fans to sit down and STFU.

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[via NESN]