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The Atlanta Braves are in the midst of a rebuilding process, one that can become frustrating and make their fans sad as they recall the days of a dominant team featuring three Hall of Famers simultaneously in their rotation. But perhaps (keyword) the saddest thing that's happened in this penultimate season at Turner Field occurred in its stands as two teenage girls appeared to out a woman who was allegedly cheating on her husband. To be honest, it's hard to tell if this is legit since it's a claim made by a pair of unverified Twitter-ers. But they've certainly gone to great lengths (filming a video, revealing an alleged return text, as well as posting follow-up messages) in order to confirm its authenticity.

Either way we think it's safe to say they've gone viral, and that in and of itself is news today.

The whole thing started with a message that has since been re-tweeted 13,000+ times, as one of the girls took to her account to publicly shame the woman:

The story beyond 140 characters goes like this:

Apparently the woman was texting her side lover, but disguised his name. Therefore a man named "Mark Allen" became "Nancy" in her contacts, and the two exchanged texts mentioning being "naked" and "laying on the ground." Besides simply using it for a tweet that would stand out, the duo also wrote a note to the husband (the one pictured at the top of this page) and slipped it to him before they left:

Now if you're reading this on a phone it may be tough to see, so we'll let you know that the note said:

"Your wife is cheating on you. Look at the messages under Nancy! It's really a man named Mark Allen. There is pictures on my phone. She has deleted the messages. [Followed by the message writer's number.] Sorry, just thought you should know!"

You may think the sentences "Look at the messages under Nancy!" and "She has deleted the messages" are contradictory (I sure as hell did), but she also happened to attach a couple of the (again, allegedly) most incriminating texts:

If the woman being caught wants to blame anybody, she could blame either her lack of awareness, her supposed cheating ways, an incredibly nosy society, or the Braves for not being more entertaining.

In case you weren't aware, and are skeptical of this story, it's not without precedent. Something like this actually happened last season at a Detroit Lions game, and was confirmed. It really made you think. Basically you have two options:

1.) Don't text while someone's behind you.


2.) Don't fuck around.

Go with whichever choice you find easier.

[via Bro Bible]

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