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Not to say drugs themselves are the problem, but there is an issue when you get suspended for multiple weeks because of them. Eagles coach Chip Kelly isn't having any of that nonsense this season. The NFL doesn't collect pee daily, but strict-as-hell Kelly does.

The Washington Post's profile of Kelly comes with few interesting factoids about him (he loves The Lion King...and, well, The Lion King is interesting). However, your daily fee for playing under him is urine.

Kelly’s first impressions showed a coach who spoke often about being quick and efficient, but also a man unafraid to spend hours cycling through PowerPoint slides about the effects of alcohol, marijuana, sleep and water on an NFL player’s body. It seemed Kelly valued each morning’s urine test — plastic specimen cups waiting in locker stalls, jersey numbers written in black ink — as much as how a player performed during practice or a game.

So you should be straight with Kelly if you steer clear of weed and if pee's green is lighter than the uniforms.

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