The No. 1 pick whose body just will not let him play basketball is gearing up for yet another shot at NBA stardom (though we're sure at this point he wouldn't mind just being a role-player). That's according to Real GM's Shams Charina who reports that Greg Oden worked out for the Hornets this past Wednesday, and will do the same for the Mavs during the upcoming week. This past spring Oden had already worked out for the Grizzlies (who will reportedly continue to "monitor him").

Oden hasn't suited up and taken to an NBA court since the 2013-14 season with the Heat. Even then he only played 23 games, averaging less than 10 minutes per contest. If you want to go even further back in time, Oden hadn't played since 2010 due to a pair of knees that act more like your grandpa's than yours. In all, Oden has only played 105 games since being drafted in 2007. With all the baggage he carries it's tough to forget the man is still only 27.

Here's hoping he can salvage some sort of career in the league. Still, it's impossible to ignore history which tells us there's a far more likely chance of us having to update this list than there is of us writing about a triumphant Oden comeback.

[via Real GM]

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