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You should've given props for the Nets somehow pushing their series against the Hawks to six games. However, you got to revoke them after how much of a 38-44 team the Nets looked like on Friday.

The offense was decent, but the defense was piss poor. Atlanta lead 36-23 in the first quarter after shooting 72 percent, and burned the Nets with a 41-point third quarter. All-in-all it was boring. It was too many shots of a shell-shocked Deron Williams. It was a No. 1 seed going against a very soft No. 8 seed. Brooklyn went home after getting washed 111-87 and leaving with the below Vine as synopsis of this series:

So to recap -

The Wizards slapped the Raptors in the series-deciding Game 4: 94 - 125

The Bulls came close to doubling the Bucks when they sent them home on Thursday: 120-66

Let's hope the Eastern Conference turns into something the next round since the scrubs are out.

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