Duke's Quinn Cook will be headed to the NBA next season, where he can expect to run into more instances of people thinking he's some other famous black guy. Whether it's a different ball player or a rapper, Cook will get these doppelganger comparisons by virtue of who he'll be hanging out with/standing next to/playing alongside/traveling with during the season: other tall famous black guys.

While out at a mall with former Duke guard Nolan Smith (he played for the Trail Blazers a bit too), Cook was recognized by two young ladies as J. Cole, the sort-of underrated rapper with a devilish goatee and sad puppy eyes. He started singing Cole's "Apparently" as a means of further convincing his new fans, but to an unknown effect (to us, it's hilarious and weak). 

Right now, JaVale McGee holds the crown for terrible NBA-J. Cole doppelganger comparisons. I say this, because this photo was already spliced together and floating around on Google Images: 

Although Cook's been shouted out as a potential J. Cole stand-in before, even if it was by random white kids on Twitter:

Quinn Cook and J. Cole look a lot like each other 😳 http://t.co/G2MrzSr9SY pic.twitter.com/VD54UBkFfZ

— Denis™ (@deniscruz_) March 21, 2014

All I'm sayin is I've never seen Quinn Cook and J Cole at the same time pic.twitter.com/GghUgAEVN7

— Nick Minto (@nickminto) March 1, 2015


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