Tony Romo spent the better part of Wednesday sneaking around Duke's campus with his Cowboys teammates. Later that night, he took in the Blue Devils' 94-51 destruction of Wake Forest right alongside the Cameron Crazies. Cowboys head coach Jason Garett brought Romo, tight end Jason Witten, and free agent-to-be DeMarco Murray with him for a day at Duke. The main attraction of the visit? Coach K, of course. Garrett spoke to ESPN Dallas about educational experience.

"[We want to learn from] outside of football, in town, out of town and try to spend some time with somebody who has been successful in what they do and hopefully we can learn from and come back and grow as an individual," he said.

The crew hung out with Duke's men's basketball team, and got to play a bit of pick-up at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Romo took on star point guard Quinn Cook in some 1-on-1 action:

And the horsing around didn't stop there. At the other end of the court, Witten had some nasty post-moves for Garrett, who was probably expecting weakside help from Romo (you can find the joke there).

There's something uniquely Duke about having Dallas Cowboys stars sweat on and scruff up their gym floor. It feels natural, like an axis of evil realigning itself. Duke fans, however, never want to see Garrett, Romo, and Co. back on campus. Spending some change at the student store to cop a Duke shirt is cool and all, but as far as their presence around Duke is concerned, fans aren't gushing like how Drake's admired at the University of Kentucky. No, no, no. Just like everything else in Romo's life, whenever he's involved with anything sports-related, any loss is somehow all his fault.

See, this isn't the first time Romo and the 'Boys have invaded Duke. They stopped by at around the same time last year and were later blamed by some for Duke's shocking upset loss against Mercer in the 2014 NCAA Tournament:

So when Romo was spotted in Duke's student section during last night's game, Duke fans flipped their shit on Twitter:

(That last picture is disgusting.)

But oddly enough, it appears that the Crazies are the ones who wanted Romo in their section. Don't they know who this guy is?

In any case, I'm absolutely taking UNC over Duke this weekend. There's no way they follow-up a Romo visit with a road win over UNC, or, moving forward, with any postseason success. The jinx is on. 

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