Once upon a time, Gonzaga forward Adam Morrison was widely regarded as one of the best players in college basketball. But today, following a brief, unspectacular pro career, he's back on the bench for the Zags working as a video coordinator. So after last night's Duke/Gonzaga game in the NCAA Tournament's Elite Eight, Morrison—who shared the National Player of the Year award with Duke's J.J. Redick back in 2006—got into it with a Blue Devils fan.

According to Seattle Times columnist Jerry Brewer, a Duke fan heckled Morrison after the Blue Devils' win against Gonzaga. And Morrison responded to that fan with a pretty decent comeback:

At this point, it's hard not to feel a little bit bad for Morrison. He had a hell of a college career. And while his pro career didn't pan out the way he wanted, he was never a scrub by any means and can still probably shoot better than most college and pro players. But he's become the butt of so many jokes that he doesn't get the kind of respect that he probably deserves.

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[via For The Win]