Is the NBA Dunk Contest really a decaying carcass? Does the league need to continuously tweak its format? Isn't it odd that people who are content watching TNT on Valentine's Day have such high standards when it comes to entertainment? 

Complex News' Sean Evans explores these questions and more in a brazen defense of the Dunk Contest (video above). For starters, it's nearly impossible for this year's field to do something extraordinary because every amazing slam has been Vine-ed into irrelevance. Furthermore, a simple YouTube search for "greatest dunk ever" yields almost 300,000 results. Yet, if Zach LaVine or Mason Plumlee don't shock the world on Saturday, the event will be dismissed as another hackneyed year in a decade-long slide.

It's nonsense and, quite frankly, those spending Saturday night watching deep cable should be the first to curb their standards. For more on this hot take story, check out the video above.