It's been almost two years now since Manti Te'o was forced to admit that his girlfriend—the girl who reportedly passed away during his final year at Notre Damewasn't actually real. After Deadspin released a shocking report about her, Te'o admitted that he had been "catfished" by a man pretending to be a girl named Lennay Kekua. And apparently, NFL players are still using it against him—and getting him plenty fired up in the process.

Last night, 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis took to Twitter to reveal that he asked Te'o about his fake girlfriend during the Chargers/49ers game on Saturday night. And he also said that Te'o "snapped" when he heard what Davis had to say:

On the one hand, it's kind of surprising that Te'o hasn't gotten used to wise cracks about Lennay Kekua at this point and learned to ignore them. But on the other, we imagine Te'o will never get used to the idea of players poking fun at the miscues he made in his personal life. Either way, Te'o and his team beat Davis and Niners on Saturday. So at the very least, he had that going for him after the game.

[via For The Win]

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