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Hmmm…Did we miss something this college football season? Did Justin Brent catch, like, 110 passes for 1,750 yards and 15 touchdowns? We don't think he did. In fact, we're pretty sure he didn't play a single down for Notre Dame as a freshman. But you'd never know that judging by the women he's been connected to in recent months.

Back in October, Brent and 42-year-old adult film star Lisa Ann were spotted taking in a Knicks game—and, eventually, hanging out in bed—together. It didn't look like a serious relationship or anything. But all indications were that Brent and Lisa Ann were more than just friends. And now, he's reportedly dating another high-profile woman.

That woman is model Elke The Stallion, who is best known for her…well, just look:

Earlier this week, Elke posted a photo of her and Brent on Instagram:

Then, she posted another photo of her and Brent a short time later:

And according to TMZ Sports, who spoke with Elke late yesterday, she did it because her and Brent are kind of an item right now. She revealed that things between the two aren't too serious yet. But she said that they reportedly met through social media recently before Brent invited her to attend the USC/Notre Dame game in California. She went to the game:

And they've kept in touch ever since.

Brent's social media game must be amazing. It'd be one thing if he was killing it out on the football field right now. But for a guy who hasn't even played college football yet, he's already made quite a name for himself.

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