Every year, there are athletes who waste thousands and thousands of dollars on jewelry that they don't really need. But Red Sox slugger David Ortiz believes that he literally wasted thousands of dollars—$127,000 dollars, to be exact—when he purchased a bunch of jewelry from an Anaheim, Calif.-based jeweler named Randy Hamida back in 2010.

Hamida, who owns a company called Randy's Mens Wear, Ltd. Inc., allegedly sold Ortiz a Breitling watch with diamonds and gold, a diamond bracelet, and a set that included black diamond earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet four years ago after tracking him down at the Red Sox team hotel in Seattle. Ortiz was promised high-quality jewelry worth more than $100,000 and paid for it with an $80,000 check and $47,000 worth of his old jewelry. But according to a lawsuit that Ortiz just filed, he received "imitation or low-quality metal and gemstones" in return, which was obviously not what he paid for.

According to his lawyer, Ortiz has tried to work with Hamida a number of times in the past in order to get his money back. But he has been unsuccessful. So now he's going the legal route and is confident that everything is going to work itself out.

"It's going to get taken care of," he told the Boston Globe. "I'm not worried."

Hopefully, everything will work out for Ortiz. But how many other athletes do you think are walking around with fake jewels, too?

[via Boston Globe]