Clemson football hasn't had a perfect start to the 2014-15 season, beginning the year at just 3-2 after key losses to Georgia and Florida State. However, last week, the Tigers were able to shut-out the NC State Wolf Pack in a 41-0 drubbing, giving the team some much-needed momentum as they ready themselves to face the Louisville Cardinals this weekend. 

Following Clemson's victory last Saturday, the team celebrated the resounding victory in kind by turning up in the locker room, dancing and chanting in a show of general camaraderie. Included in the raucous celebration was Tigers team manager David Saville, a member of Clemson's ClemsonLife program, an initiative designed to help "intellectually disabled students seeking higher education." 

Joining in with his fellow Tigers, Saville bravely steps to the middle of the dance circle, improvises a break-dancing maneuver, and then tosses his hat, giving a clear nod to the one and only Bobby Shmurda. 

Best "Hot N***a" remix we've seen yet.

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