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It looks like Steve Smith isn’t done yet.

The wide receiver, released by the Carolina Panthers this offseason and picked up by the Baltimore Ravens, is absolutely torching his old team. First, he got the Ravens on the board with this 61-yard TD grab off of a tipped ball:

Then, with the half winding down, he hauled in a second TD pass even as he was being dragged down in the end zone:

All told, Smith has 122 yards on five catches and the two TDs. And it’s only halftime.

It’s tough to imagine Smith putting up similar numbers in the second half, but given his promise of “blood and guts,” it would be unwise to bet against him. 

UPDATE: So there weren't many highlights in the second half, but the 139 receiving yards and two touchdowns are pretty impressive. Smith's postgame comment is an instant quotable, too: "That film is a coaching session. I'm 35 years old, and I ran around those boys like they were schoolyard kids." Yep, Smith is a king.