Last month, Carmelo Anthony was an NBA free agent, and he had the chance to sign with any team that he wanted. But he ultimately decided to re-sign with the Knicks. It wasn't an easy decision, though, and as Carmelo himself admitted yesterday, he came "close" to leaving New York and signing elsewhere, even though the Knicks were able to pay him the most money.

"It was close," he said on Thursday at an event at the Barclays Center when asked whether he ever considered leaving. "I don't even like to talk about that no more. This is home. There is no place like New York. Although the other situations were very intriguing, there is no place like New York."

Unfortunately, Carmelo didn't explain exactly how close he came to actually leaving. But something tells us that, in a few years, we might find how close he came to doing it and which team almost landed his services. Until then, enjoy Carmelo, Knicks fans.

[via ESPN New York]

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