With LeBron James announcing via Sports Illustrated today that he’ll be returning to Cleveland to join the Cavaliers next season, we got a decidedly different (but no less definitive) version of “The Decision” as we had in 2010. The best basketball player in the world is once again switching teams, this team seeking redemption in the city that four years ago he so publicly spurned.

But this decision to leave Miami doesn’t just impact LeBron. There are so many other people who will see their lives change as a result of James’ decision. Of course, there are his fellow free agents like Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony. But there are also team executives, owners, coaches, and others whose fates are all tied in with James’.

Some people are unequivocally better off this afternoon than they were this morning, while others may be lamenting James’ choice and how much more difficult it is going to make their lives. In these early post-decision hours, let’s take a look at the Biggest Winners and Losers from "The Decision: Part 2."

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