Those tortured screams you’re hearing? They are coming from New England, where Patriots fans are whining about Russell Wilson being ranked higher in Madden 15 than Tom Brady.

Everything in the top three of the rankings is normal, with perennial stars Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers filling out the highest spots. Then it gets a little wild, though, with Wilson and Brady both coming in at a 93 overall ranking. According to Madden ratings guru Donny Moore (sidenote: what a job), it’s Wilson’s legs that earned him such a big number:

“(Wilson) is the ultimate dual threat with his 86 SPD (ranked eighth in NFL for quarterbacks), 90 AGI (seventh), 92 ACC (second), and 93 Throw Power. Don't be afraid to throw it deep (89 Deep Accuracy, ranked third) and on the run (fifth) with Wilson as well, he can do it all.”

While Boston fans will continue to be offended for at least another week, we found a live look-in to Wilson’s house to see how he’s taking the news: