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If the average NBA fan were to own a team, they’d probably act a lot like Mark Cuban. From his epic rants against officials to ripping Skip Bayless, Cuban seems like he has more in common with the guy in the upper deck with a hot dog and $12 Bud Light than with the rest of the buttoned up NBA owners.  But while his mouth may be a big part of his allure, it’s gotten him into trouble as well. 

Cuban has paid $1.9 million dollars in fines to the NBA, he recently put himself at the center of scandal when he protested the ouster of Donald Sterling, and he spoke out about his own bigotry in a series of interviews earlier this year.

When he’s not running his mouth, Cuban loves showing off his hands and feet. He’s appeared on Dancing With The Stars and has fought everybody from NBA referees to actual NBA players (see: the infamous Chalupa Incident). He also writes plenty of checks as a billionaire entrepreneur. So given his criticism of officials, power moves, and controversial comments, we ask you: Is Mark Cuban a King or King Douche?