Redskins fan Charlie White bleeds burgundy and gold. And we aren't just speaking in cliches here. The 41-year-old literally bleeds burgundy and gold.

He proved it on Sunday afternoon by heading to the Redskins training camp in Richmond, Va. and asking all 22 starters from the team to sign his right arm. From defensive back Ryan Clark to quarterback Robert Griffin III, White got them all. And once he secured the 22nd autograph—from RGIII—White made his way to a local tattoo parlor and had all 22 of the signatures tattooed into his skin.

"I want all 22 starters," he told ESPN at the camp as he worked hard to get all of the necessary signatures. "I believe in getting starters on my arm for a reason. It's because I bleed burgundy and gold."

You sure do, man. You sure do. And now, as a result of it, you've got a tattoo that is slightly insane but also pretty damn cool. Though, we do have to point out that it is going to get a little bit awkward the first time one of those starters gets benched or—gasp—traded away, no? Just saying.

[via ESPN]