Unable to come to terms on a satisfactory contract extension, the New Orleans Saints will almost certainly franchise their two-time Pro Bowl tight end/wide receiver Jimmy Graham. When you get "franchised" by an NFL team you get a fixed amount (based upon an average salary of the top players at your position) on a one-year deal. The difference between that fixed amount for WR's to TE's is roughly five million dollars as a franchised wide receiver would get $12 million, and a franchised tight end would get $7 million.

So how does that matter for Jimmy Graham? Well he contends that he's a WR as he lines up split off the line for two-thirds of New Orleans' snaps.

But the problem for him? Look at how he describes himself on Twitter:

That's actually gotten brought up at his grievance hearing meaning that could be roughly $2.5 million a word. Of all the ways people bone themselves on Twitter, this (very brief) innocuous description has to be one of the costliest.

[via Larry Brown Sports]