Round: Western Conference Semifinals
Date: 5/19/1990
Final score: Trail Blazers: 108, Spurs: 105
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With 2:32 to play in regulation, the Spurs held a 97-90 lead and looked like they were going to the Western Conference Finals. They managed to choke that lead away, though, and the game went to overtime. Once there, the Spurs managed to keep it tied at 100 with 30 seconds to go and possession of the ball.

That's when San Antonio's Rod Strickland—who had come over in a mid-season trade with the Knicks—inexplicably tried to throw a two-handed, no-look, behind-the-head pass to Sean Elliott, except Elliott was no longer there. The Blazers' Jerome Kersey was, however, and he saved it and in one motion flung it to Clyde Drexler, who had a clear path to the hoop and was fouled by Strickland. That meant two shots (Drexler made both) and possession (Portland scored again), securing a win for the Blazers.