Like many other celebrities right now, Arsenio Hall is interested in buying the Clippers. The only problem? He doesn't actually have enough money to purchase the team from Donald Sterling. So he's asking people to contribute to his cause so that he can buy the Clips.

Last night, Katt Williams appeared on Arsenio's late-night show and got the ball rolling by giving Arsenio a donation. Unfortunately, Katt's "business partners" (aka the IRS) wouldn't authorize him to make a $500,000 donation like Arsenio suggested. But they did give him the go-ahead to make a $1,100 donation. It's not much, but it's something!

Watch Katt count out the money for Arsenio in the clip above. Anyone got an extra $999,998,900 to spare to help Arsenio reach his goal of $1 billion?

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[via TMZ Sports]