The ceremonial first pitch is one of the many mainstays of baseball that MLB has tried to maintain over the years to help preserve the awe of America's pastime. It provides a chance for fans to see celebrities flex their baseball prowess and show their devotion to the home squad all in one. There are those instances where the ball has been thrown right over home plate for a strike, but then there have also been times where something else has happened that's far more entertaining: Fails!

You've got your grounders from pop stars like Mariah Carey, you're "juuuuuuust a bit outside!" attempts from the likes of Cincinnati mayor Mark Mallory, and, of course, some horrendous throws from random fans of the game. And then, there's the pitch that Nick Young made before a Dodgers game last night. Yikes! That might eventually go down as the worst of the worst, at least as far as celebrity first pitches are concerned.

With those in mind, here's a GIF gallery of The Worst First Pitches in Baseball History.

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