Back in late January, Rick Ross bought Evander Holyfield's old 45,000-square-foot house in Georgia for a few million dollars (the exact price that he paid was not disclosed). The 109-room mansion includes a dining room that seats up to 100 guests, a pool that holds 350,000 gallons of water, and a bowling alley. And according to a couple tweets that Rozay sent out this afternoon, he's already putting the house's bowling lanes to good use:

We don't know how good of a bowler Ross is (that's not exactly "perfect" form as he suggests in his second tweet, ha). But really, who cares?! HE HAS A BOWLING ALLEY IN HIS HOUSE! So he can suck as much as he wants, and he still gets to stunt on the rest of us who are stuck using rented shoes and a ball that someone forgot 15 years ago every time we visit the bowling alley.

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[via @RickyRozay]