If you live in an area that actually has seasons and you live your life by a motorcycle calendar, the new year didn't start January 1. It started March 20, the first official day of spring (even if it was still a tad bit chilly). And with a new year and a new warm season comes the refreshing feeling of riding your bike again for the first time. But you can't just walk back into your garage, sling off the cover like you just unveiled something incredible at a motor show, hope on, and go. You need to nurse your bike back into running condition. 

Before hitting the road, you need to do a thorough overlook at everything and anything that might need changing or replenishing. Everyone knows that a small problem in the beginning can quickly flip into a bigger (and much more expensive) issue later.  Trust us, a couple hours or so of checking out your bike to make sure it's fit for the road now can save you precious weeks of hassle later. Spend some time (and a few dollars) and set yourself up for a great riding season ahead. 

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