Have you laughed at the Knicks enough yet this season? No? Well, here's some more comedy out of the Knicks camp.

According to ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, the Knicks requested a meeting with Phil Jackson about two weeks ago. Knicks president/general manager Steve Mills reportedly sat down with Jackson to talk to him about the possibility of him becoming the Knicks next head coach. But Jackson, who is 68 and hasn't coached since 2011, told them that he's not interested in the position at this time. Or, if you need a translation: He's not interested in coaching a team that's currently 22-40 and might lose their best player this summer.

Are the Knicks crazy? No, really, have they lost their minds? Do they really think that anyone, let alone Phil Jackson, would be interested in coaching the team that they have right now? Sigh. Oh, Knicks.

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[via ESPN New York]