NFL Prospect Adam Muema is a deeply religious guy, so much so that he skipped the NFL Combine because God told him the Seahawks were going to draft him. Why Seahawks? Nobody knows for sure, although its team symbol is the closest to looking like a dove.

Anyway, Muema's religious belief got him in the headlines again. The running back was unreachable by family and friends for four days. When he finally turned up, linebacker Corey Nelson—who had been training with him before the Combine—picked him up from the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida. It turned out that's where Muema was staying: At the airport.

Nelson told U-T San Diego that Muema was staying at the airport for three days straight and did nothing after arriving from Indianapolis because God told him to do so. He was going to stay an extra day, but he said didn't have the will to do so.

Well, you certainly can't knock the kid for his beliefs. Maybe a strong belief system makes him a first-round pick. Right?

[via U-T San Diego]