Today is Lawrence Taylor's 55th birthday. Considering how he lived his life, that's a pretty big accomplishment. The young man from a small town in Virginia knew something about accomplishments, making 10 Pro Bowls and winning three Defensive Player of the Year awards, as well as the 1986 NFL MVP. He revolutionized the linebacker position and was subsequently honored as the third best player of all time by NFL Network.

But, that's probably not why you've heard of him. At least it isn't the sole reason. L.T. went from a fairly clean college kid out of the University of North Carolina, to the league's prevailing bad boy. He constantly alternated from using his lightning speed on the football field, to putting speed up his nose off of it. After that he graduated to crack, prostitution, and even participated in WrestleMania XI.

When Taylor was drafted into the NFL in 1981 he switched his jersey number to #56 in honor of Dallas Cowboy linebacker Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson. He lived up to, and easily surpassed, Henderson's own drug-influenced image. He's even managed to keep himself relevant after retirement with an occasional cameo in the police reports. He's both the standard for linebacking, as well as outrageous pro athlete behavior. But when you reach 55, it's time to reflect. Here's a look back at the original "L.T.'s" Craziest Moments.