In March 2012, Gregg Williams was suspended by the league for his role in the New Orleans Saints' bounty scandal. On Feb. 7, 2013, the suspension was lifted, but was there any team out there willing to take a chance on Williams? After nearly a year away from the game of football, the St. Louis Rams came calling and hired him as their new defensive coordinator. Things were starting to look up for Williams. Then, this happened.  

In an interview with Mike Meltser & Seth Payne on SportsRadio 610′s MaD Radio, former NFL player Renaldo Wynn claims that after losing in the 1999 AFC Championship Game to a Williams-coached Tennessee Titans, the defensive coordinator approached Wynn with a shocking revelation. 

“You know why we fell short in that AFC Championship game?” Wynn asked, via CBS Houston. “After that I ended up getting coached by Gregg Williams. And Greg Williams was, at the time, defensive coordinator by the Tennessee Titans. First thing he said when he came in the door was ‘Hey, you know why you lost?’ With a lot of other explicit words with that. He said he had our play book. Greg Williams had our play book. Our game-plan on offense. [He] had our playbook.”

Wynn went on to say that while playing for Williams as a member of the Washington Redskins, Gregg admitted that he had acquired playbooks from other teams, but wouldn't reveal how he had those in his possession. Wynn ended his confession, saying, “I’m sorry Gregg, I had to put you out there. You can’t go no lower than what you’ve been already.” Uh, you sure about that? 

[via Larry Brown Sports]