Everything went right for Cristiano Ronaldo during Real Madrid's match against Atletico Madrid on Tuesday night. He scored two goals. His team won 2-0. And Real Madrid advanced to the Copa del Rey final to face either Barcelona or Real Sociedad. So the night was a total success.

Er, make that, it was almost a total success. Although Ronaldo did play well in the match and helped his team advance, he also came thisclose to suffering a serious injury at halftime. As he made his way off the field after the first half of play, a fan threw a lighter in his direction. And the lighter hit him right in the head, which caused him to fall to the ground for a few moments before he was able to pull himself together and get off the field.

Fortunately, Ronaldo was able to resume play in the second half. But as you can see in the clip above, that lighter could have done some serious damage. It's a good thing it only hit him in the head and not in the eye. Because that would have been way more serious and could have ruined the perfect night for Ronaldo.

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[via For The Win]