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Today is the NBA trade deadline and as 3 P.M. draws nearer, you will hear practically every player's name get brought up in one deal or another. Every analyst will tell you that "their sources" heard so-and-so going to this place or that place and in the end, us, the fans are forced to ride along on this roller coaster of emotion that each rumor brings about. From the joy of potentially landing a big asset to feeling anger towards the possibility of a ridiculously idiotic deal getting done, it's a necessary evil that every fan must go through as their favorite team either begins planning for the future or hopefully adding the missing piece that will help them make a push for the playoffs.

So, instead of focusing on the trades that do/will get done, let's take a look at the most absurd ones that ever surfaced. Remember the many times that the Chicago Bulls nearly sent Scottie Pippen packing? Or, when a last-minute decision by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling prevented Michael Jordan from heading to the West Coast? Yeah, sorry Clips fans. Anyway, here are The 10 Craziest Trade Rumors in NBA History That Never Came to Fruition

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