About two years ago, a 55-year-old woman named Sharon Simmons tried out for the Cowboys cheerleading squad. She didn't make the cut. But apparently, she did inspire at least one other woman over the age of 50 to try out for an NFL cheer squad.

That woman is 54-year-old Brenda Gold (she's on the left in the photo above). She's a math teacher in Cincinnati, a mother, and a former volleyball player for the University of Kentucky. And this spring, she has her sights set on becoming a member of the Ben-Gals—the cheerleading team that cheers on the NFL's Bengals.

She's well on her way to doing it, too. She received a makeover on Live With Kelly and Michael this week. She's planning on attending dance classes that start next month. And even though it's kinda crazy to picture a 54-year-old woman patrolling the sidelines for an NFL team, she's dead set on trying to do it.

"I really think I can do this," she told an Ohio TV station recently.

Good luck. She's probably going to need it.

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[via USA Today]

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