By now you may have heard the story about North Korea leader Kim Jong Un executing his uncle with 120 starving dogs. If you didn't hear about it, yeah, that actually happened. Not even Dennis Rodman is that badshit crazy. He may have kicked a cameraman here and there, but he never killed somebody. The execution didn't scare Rodman from visiting again though. Next time he's coming with a dream team to play an exhibition game in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Rodman, who's been training the North Korean basketball team, will bring Kenny Anderson, Vin Baker, Cliff Hodges,  Doug Christie, Charles D. Smith, and Cliff Robinson. So it's not that much of a legendary squad, but Rodman being able to find that many former NBA players who are willing to travel to North Korea and take part in what he calls "basketball diplomacy" is an achievement in itself. 

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[via Sports Illustrated]