With a little less than 10 minutes remaining in the third quarter of last night's Raptors/Warriors game, Golden State trailed Toronto by 27 points. At that point, most teams would have thrown in the towel. Hell, most of the Warriors' own fans had already given up hope and were running to Twitter to talk about how bad their team sucks:

But guess what? As it turns out, the Warriors don't suck! They just got off to a slow start—a really slow start—last night. Because towards the end of the third quarter, Golden State started to mount a little bit of a comeback. Then, in the fourth quarter, they built on that momentum, hit a few threes, had some calls go their way, and—what do you know?—they actually pulled off a victory! After being down 27 at one point, they ended up winning the game 112-103. And the tables turned on Twitter:

If you want to see exactly how the comeback happened, check out this clip to see it take place:

How incredible is that?

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[via NBA]