What is a rivalry without a little bit of controversy. Tonight, the Miami Heat came away with the 97-94 victory over the Indiana Pacers in the second matchup of their four-game regular season series. But, as you can tell in the GIF above, it looked like LeBron James had his hands firmly on the waist of Paul George as he attempted a game-tying three-pointer. Of course, the referees could've gone either way with it and they sided with the Heat and kept their whistles in their pocket. 

Following the controversial final play, Twitter was abuzz with Pacers fans saying that the refs should've called a foul declaring that the zebras always side with Miami while Heat fans applauded the non-call for LeBron. Check out some of the best responses below:


How does Paul George feel about the non-call?

Tell 'em how you really feel, Paul. 

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