People are so quick to forget nowadays. We could blame Twitter, LeBron James, or how attention spans are at an all-time low. But never forget: Michael Jordan is the basketball god-turned-grandfather of many of these young whippershapper's style, while Kobe Bryant fathers the younger generation. Some of these relative newcomers are influenced by his game, and others are forcibly sonned because of the Black Mamba's undying need to conquer his opponents. We've touched on Bryant's accomplishments again and again, but since this is a Kobe Bryant feature, we'll reiterate by simply reminding you this is the freakin' Black Mamba. Aka Vino. Aka I've-compensated-for-narrowly-missing-a-potentially-lucrative-rap-career-by-giving-facials. Aka. Lake City Jesus. Aka Purple God's Basketball Reincarnation Mixed With a Tinge of Gold.

There's just so many well-known aliases that it's easy to forget Bryant is also human, which means pesky little things like age and injuries tend to catch up. It did to Jordan during his Wizard years, and Bryant didn't need an ill-advised comeback to run into the same issues. So as much as the comeback video hyped things up, Bryant will never be back to full form...or will he? Will Kobe Bryant triumph again because he's Kobe Bryant? Let's listen to reason for a second and debate. Here are 10 Reasons Why Kobe Bryant Will (or won't) Be Close to Great Again.

Give us your thoughts on whether he will or won't return to form in the comments.

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