Good news, Knicks fans. No, really, GOOD NEWS! We know you're not exactly used to hearing much good news so far this season, but we've actually got some.

According to Knicks head coach Mike Woodson, the Knicks will finally (FINALLY!) get Tyson Chandler back tonight. And he's not coming back at half-strength, either. Woodson says that Chandler will get the start when the Knicks take on the Bucks in Milwaukee. Chandler has been MIA since November 5 with a stress fracture that he suffered in his leg. And he's expected to make an immediate impact on the defensive side of the ball for the Knicks, which is where they could definitely use help right now.

Not surprisingly, Knicks fans are excited about this news:

As they should be. It's been a long season for Knicks fans. So they deserve something good to happen, right? Just don't get too carried away, guys.

Errr…too late?

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[via Eye on Basketball]