Kansas City is in a better place than it was at this point last year. That's referring to its season record, however. December brings about the very painful memory of Jovan Belcher, the linebacker who killed his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins by shooting her multiple times before shooting himself in the head at the Chiefs' practice facility.

More than a year later, Belcher's body is being exhumed for brain examination. Tests could discover if Belcher suffered from CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), a degenerative disease that's been linked to multiple concussions. CTE can lead to memory loss, acts of aggression, and dementia. It's also the disease that's been linked to wrestler Chris Benoit's 2007 double-murder suicide. The problem with the examination is how it's coming a year after Belcher's death, which can complicate tests.

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[via USA Today Sports]