Knicks fans need to start a support group right now—and this guy needs to be their leader.

We're not sure who he is (the guy who posted the clip goes by "Chanci Moore" on YouTube and identifies the man as his boy). But as you can see in this video, he's mad. Real mad. And he drops some gems in this 9:59 second clip. We doubt that you're going to sit and watch the entire clip, so here are a few of those gems:

  • "I used to skip church to come home on Sundays and see these raggedy bastards play."
  • "The 2013-2014 Mike Woodson-coached, James Dolan-owned New York fuckin' Knicks ain't got no fuckin' heart."
  • "From this day on, I will never say nothing good about the Knicks until these bitches show me something."
  • "I been a Knicks fan since I came out the womb! And this how they do me?!"
  • "Spike Lee, this should be you right here, Spike!"

Obviously, you should not listen to this at the office because there is a ton of NSFW language in the clip. But if you're a Knicks fan, you will sympathize with every single word that this guy says.

Now when is the first meeting for that support group?!

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[via YouTube]