It seems like the New York Knicks are caught up in the rumor mill and story cycle of the NBA every day. During their tough loss to the Washington Wizards, the Knicks lost point guard Pablo Prigioni to a hairline fracture of his right big toe adding to the team's injury woes.

Even worse, forward Amar'e Stoudemire seems to have suffered another setback with his knees according to Mike Woodson:

“Amar’e's going to be out a while,” Woodson said. “I don’t know, but he won’t play tomorrow.”

Stoudemire has had his problems with his knees, having three knee surgeries over the past year. He started the season on a minutes limit, but has stepped up and has had increased playing time recently as the Knicks front line has been decimated by injuries. Stoudemire had been playing well averaging 14.6 points and 25.4 minutes in five games in the past week.

Fans, IM NOT INJURED, just want u to know I'm ONLY stay'n bk bc of 6 games n 9 days w/ bk2bks! Body & Knees feel great! #Knicks #STAT

— Amar'e Stoudemire (@Amareisreal) December 17, 2013

Is Amar'e hurt? Is he not? Remember, the Knicks have failed to reveal actual injuries and timetables for recovery. Rasheed Wallace was diagnosed with a sore foot and was day-to-day last year, but it was later revealed that he had a stress fracture which ultimately played a role in his retirement.

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[via ProBasketballTalk]