Unfortunately, if your car ever gets stolen, there's not a whole hell of a lot that the police can do right away. Unless you've got, like, a baby in the backseat of it when it gets stolen, the most they ever really do is tell you that they'll call you when it turns up. So it can be a real hassle for those who don't have any other forms of transportation available to them.

One woman named Lisa from Winthrop, Mass. found that out the hard way recently. On Tuesday, her car was stolen from her driveway. But when she called the cops, all they told her was that they would give her a call when the car turned up.

"I was really frustrated," she said. "It was like, 'OK, either it will turn up or it won't.'"

So she decided to do what she could to get her car back herself. First, she went and retrieved a bunch of personal items from her car that had been discarded nearby. Then, she used a GPS that was not hers but that was found alongside her items to track down where the car had been after it was stolen from her driveway. And finally, she sent her sister and one of her friends to the location to see if they could find it. They did, and they were able to retrieve the car for her.

Police scolded the woman for finding the car on her own. And just FYI, it probably is a pretty stupid idea to try and track down your car if it's ever stolen because you never know who might have it and what they're capable of. But Lisa and her sister are still pretty badass for doing it.

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[via My FOX Boston]