Looking like it flew right off the screen of the latest Star Wars or Star Trek film, the SR-72 is the latest concept plane from Lockheed Martin. First reported by Aviation Week, the SR-72 concept is what we have all been dreaming of. Lockheed Martin’s secret prototyping company, Skunk Works has reportedly begun working on the SR-72, and it could be ready for demonstrations as early as 2018. A successor to the SR-71, more commonly referred to as “The Blackbird,” the SR-72 pays homage to its predecessor not only in design but also in achievements.

The SR-72 will be able to hit speeds as high as Mach 6, which is about twice as fast as its predecessor. It will be able to carry weapons and be capable of launching full-scale attacks from the edge of space. It really is the first of its kind much like how the “game changing” Blackbird was for the aviation world.    

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[via CNET]

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