The Jets have had a lot of trouble forcing turnovers so far this season. While their defense has been surprisingly solid for much of the year, they have only forced 10 fumbles and 5 interceptions through 10 games. So in an effort to try and motivate their teammates to record some more turnovers moving forward, Ed Reed and Antonio Cromartie wore these T-shirts yesterday in the Jets locker room:

They are promising $20,000 to any player who forces a turnover between now and the end of the season. Er, or are they? Although the message behind the shirts seems clear to just about everyone, Reed told reporters that he is not offering any money in exchange for turnovers.

"No," he said, "I'm not offering 20 grand for a turnover. I like how you tried to work that. It's a shirt, man. I like how you did that. It's funny how you guys twist our words."

Hmmm…Dude, the T-shirt says, "WANTED: IN THE AIR OR ON THE GROUND. $20,000," on it. You don't see how that could be a little bit confusing?

At any rate, the Jets will take on Joe Flacco and the Ravens on Sunday afternoon, and Flacco has been a turnover machine this season. So someone on the Jets is about to get paid! Strictly in a metaphorical sense, of course. Right, Ed and Antonio?

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[via ESPN New York]