Derrick Rose thinks awfully highly of himself, doesn't he?!

The image that you see above features a "report card" that a young fan sent to D-Rose recently. The 8-year-old fan asked him to grade his health, his jump shot, his quick moves, his passing, and how well he gets along with his teammates. And as you can see, Rose wasn't shy about giving himself the best grades possible.

We love D-Rose. But if we're being honest here…

HEALTH: C+ (if he's an "A" right now, the Bulls might be in trouble…)

JUMP SHOT: C- (Rose is shooting a career low 34 percent from the field so far this season)

QUICK MOVES: A (no issues here!)

PASSING: A (here either)

GET ALONG WITH TEAM: A (the A's are rolling in now!)

Well, three out of five ain't bad, right? Just keep improving, man, and fill this out at the end of the season when it really matters.

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[via CJ Zero]