Year(s): 1948-1958

Bobby Layne was a post-World War II era quarterback for the Detroit Lions in a game that would look unrecognizable to most NFL fans of today. The passing era was especially different considering that Layne's 196 career touchdowns to 243 career interceptions got him into the Hall of Fame. Many of you may read those numbers and scoff at Layne's ability (or, if you're a New York Giants fan you probably said "Yeah, so what?"). But that's pretty impressive considering he was sneaking swigs of alcohol in the midst of halftime speeches. Nobody cares because Layne won three titles, in fact he led the NFL punching bag that is Motown to their last championship in 1957, proving that when you drink and win you're "enigmatic," and if you drink and lose you're a dickhole who wastes his talents.