It's pretty clear that there are a number of NFL teams with unreliable or injured starting quarterbacks who are getting desperate right now. How desperate? Brett Favre just got a call from the Rams, and Jeff Garcia thinks he deserves a chance to make a comeback. But curiously, no one out there has reached out to Vince Young yet this season. And he doesn't understand why. He explained what he's going through right now during a recent interview on SiriusXM's NFL Radio.

"Me and my wife and all my peers and fans, we're all trying to figure this stuff out," said Young, who spent the preseason with the Packers before getting cut back in August. "I don't have the slightest idea. It's like a huge question mark over my head. Every day I wake up in the morning to take care of my responsibilities and know I should be playing. To not have one of those calls, man, it's tough."

It's also kind of hard to believe. While we definitely don't think that Young is a long-term solution for any NFL teams at this point in his career, he's better than some of the guys that are starting for NFL teams right now. For instance, the Texans started Case Keenum last weekend, the Rams appear to be set to give Brady Quinn the ball, and the Jaguars are going with, well, does it really matter who the Jaguars are going with? ANYONE is better than the guys they've got running the show now. So why doesn't someone out there give Young a shot?

We're betting he'll get a call eventually. But it's gotta be hard for him to sit there and see all these other scrubs QBs getting a shot before he does.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]

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