The St. Louis Rams are apparently willing to do just about anything to save their 2013-14 NFL season. And if that means trying to bring in Brett Favre to save the day, then so be it.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Rams called Favre's agent earlier this week and asked him if Favre would be interested in making a comeback and replacing their injured quarterback Sam Bradford at quarterback for the rest of the year. But Favre, who has not played in the NFL since 2010, was not receptive to their request and told them that he's not interested in coming out of retirement to play for them. That's not too surprising, considering that Favre just turned 44 earlier this month. But this isn't like Favre! Usually we get at least a week or two of "Eh, maybe I'll come back, maybe I won't" before he ultimately makes a final decision.

All isn't lost, though, Rams. If you're looking for a quarterback in his 40s to come out of retirement in order to play for you this season, we've got just the guy. Want his number?

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[via Pro Football Talk]