As we told you yesterday, Matt Schaub is basically the most hated guy in the NFL right now. He single-handedly gave away a game against the Seahawks on Sunday afternoon, and fans of the Texans are not happy about it. But Schaub does have one thing going for him right now. Effective immediately, the Texans have banned their fans from burning Schaub's jersey in the parking lot outside of Reliant Stadium.

TMZ reached out to the Texans yesterday to ask them about all of the videos of people burning Schaub jerseys that are up on YouTube right now. And the Texans told them that they are prepared to "do a better job monitoring the people who tailgate" moving forward because setting fire to a jersey is apparently frowned upon by the team (you don't say!). So if you're thinking about burning Schaub's jersey in the future, you better think again. The Texans aren't going to allow it.

That doesn't mean you can't still desecrate Schaub's jersey. If you want to cut it in half, that's fine. If you want to draw all over it with a Sharpie, that will work, too. Or, if setting fire is the only way you can show your disgust with another man, you can always just wait until you get home to burn your Schaub jersey. Decisions, decisions...

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[via TMZ]